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Specialist Care

Firex Domiciliary Care aims to provide dignified home care services with well-trained and friendly staff to ensure the quality in-home care that every person needs.

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Specialist Care

Each person is unique, as is their condition. For some individuals, they may require a special form of care. This might include people suffering from advanced stages of dementia or those with a particularly restrictive form of disability. For this, we have highly qualified specialists available.

We will also create a care plan that will take the client's symptoms and needs into consideration.

At Firex Domiciliary Care, we do not only offer support, we also ensure that we boost the self-esteem of our clients by reducing their dependency on relatives and promoting independence.

Our Specialist Care System

Examples of specialist care duties include:

 Help with physiotherapy and other forms of rehabilitation.

 Regular help with administering medications.

 Close observation and recording of physical and mental wellbeing.

 More advanced form of personal care.


Let Us Help You Live Your Life Comfortably 

Our specialist team is dedicated to providing high-quality care for customers of different ages and in different situations. Let us help you live your life effortlessly.

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